Part 2 of Before 1770 is currently being filmed in Australia and in Sulawesi Indonesia. The project entails a full feature-length documentary to be screened in all major cinemas across Australia in June 2020. This is an enormous endeavour being undertaken by the team, which we know to benefit the entire Australian community.
The documentary will incorporate real-life re-enactments with a purpose-built Macassan prau, and real experiences of an Australian Muslim group to tour main areas of Macassan and Aboriginal contact. We also went the extra mile with tasking Australia's most authoritative academic to produce an illustrative book designed for students in mind (accessible for all years). Such a powerful tool will complement the new visual documentary having life-changing effects upon its readers.
The "Before 1770" project is an enormous one which cannot be fulfilled without community assistance. We are asking the community to contribute monetarily to the project in a number of ways. The first is to pledge a donation of $1000. If one is able to contribute beyond this, such assistance will not go unrewarded when one's deeds are presented. 
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